Registering as a seller

    • If you're thinking about selling on Tijarat the process is really simple. You can choose to register as an individual or a business seller.
    • 1. You will need first create user account as shown above.

    • 2. After creating user account and signing in please click on the link that says “Sell” on top grey colour toolbar, it will lead you in to seller registration page.

    • 3. On seller registration enter the name of your account or business and enter your picture to showcase yourself. If you choose not to add your personal picture then you can choose to enter an identifying image of your choice and then click “Register”.

    • 4. You will be led in to Seller Dashboard, however you will need to enter the front image of your National Identity Card. (This step is critical). Once you send the image of National Identity Card then your registration request will be sent to the Tijarat team for approval which after verifying your details will either approve or deny your seller’s request.

    • 5. After getting approval of your seller account, you will need set the Payment Methods to choose which one of the three payment methods you would like to enable and will be asked to make one of those options as your preferred option. Please note even though you may choose one option as your preferred option, if you have enabled more than one payment option then the buyer will have option to select to pay you with other option and not your preferred option.

    • 6. Once payment options are enabled and selected then you can add items to sell by following a simple Add item form and can add multiple images for your item. You are encouraged to enter high quality images for better marketing of your product.

    • 7. Once Add item process is complete then the product is immediately listed on Tijarat for sale. You can manage that listing through the Seller Dashboard.