Selling process

  • Here we will show the steps to be taken by the Seller when a product is ordered by the buyer.
    “Buy” order reaches the seller via email and via the message on the site notification system (Bell). Seller can click the link in the email or the message in the site notification system (Bell).
    Below is an example screenshot of an order email.

  • one
  • Below is the screenshot of the Order page inside the Seller Dashboard.

  • two
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the order, the seller needs to pack and ship the order. Also, the seller must update the Delivery Status to “Shipped” and enter Shipping details. (Not doing this step within 24 hours will be a violation of the seller’s code of conduct).

  • three
  • When the seller clicks “Submit” button an email is sent to the buyer along with an SMS text message on their mobile number, informing them of the order shipment along with the Courier’s name and Tracking-ID.
    Next screenshot shows the Order page after clicking “Submit” button.

  • four
  • Within 24 hours of the order delivery, the seller must change the Delivery Status from Shipped to Delivered. (Not doing this step within 24 hours will be a violation of the seller’s code of conduct).
    Next screenshot shows this step.

  • five
  • After changing the Delivery Status to Delivered and clicking the submit button, delivery process is completed. At this stage an email is sent to the buyer to rate and review the product and also rate the seller.
    After clicking Submit, the next page looks like below.

  • six
  • Seller is encouraged to provide a review for the buyer as shown below.

  • seven
  • This completes the Selling process and Seller’s tasks on Tijarat.
    Below we will show the screenshots of the review email, the buyer gets and an example of how to rate and review product and the seller.

  • eight
  • Clicking on the “Rate your experience” link in the email will take the buyer to the Product & Seller review page as shown below. Buyer should provide honest and candid review and ratings.

  • nine
  • Thanks for buying and selling at Tijarat.com